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What can Terrasun do for you?

Offer 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction.

Offer 25 years design experience in Summit County.

An unique approach to design with sensitivity and sensibility for the environment and your needs.

Actual hands-on construction experience.

3D Computer Rendering and Animation.

Familiarity with county and town planning and permitting agencies.

Americans with Disabilities Compliance Review and Design.

Strong commitment to environmentally responsible building and expertise in passive & active solar design.

. Schematic Design includes review of the project requirements. budget and schedule; prepare Schematic Design Documents: and submit a preliminary construction estimate.

2. Design Development includes drawings which further develop the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and other elements vital to the project.

3. Construction Documents are based on the approval of the Design Development drawings and includes further preparation to the drawings for construction assuring the scope and quality to meet your need.

4. Bidding and Negotiation phase includes assisting the owner in obtaining bids or negotiating proposals; and assist the owner in awarding the contract to a qualified contractor.

5. Construction Phase Administration commences on the award of the contract, and includes reviewing payment certificates, progress of work and preparation of Change Orders.

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