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Design Approach:
Architecture is the art and science of designing a physical space to meet the emotional and functional needs of the users. In order to create an appropriate and distinctive style of building to suit the users needs; their hopes, dreams, and aspirations must be transformed into reality. We listen to our clients ideals, relate to their financial capabilities, and keep a sensible time frame. We then use our knowledge, talents, skills and computer capabilities to synthesize design concepts into a realistic construction program. We provide individual attention to each client's needs from pre-design to construction. After consensus is reached regarding concepts, designer and owner work closely on schematic design. When satisfactory, construction drawings and specifications which represent the design are prepared. The resulting documents are used as a basis for construction contracts. The building process is monitored through substantial completion to assure the client's ideals are realized. We are most experienced at providing elegant, energy-efficient, functional spaces for a cold climate in the mountain environment. For further information or details, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Len Kumar received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado in 1985. He is licensed to practice Architecture in Colorado and in Pennsylvania, and has lived and worked in Summit County for 25 years. Len has worked with Habitat for Humanity as an Architect, and Director on their board. He is active in creating awareness for green/sustainable design within the western Colorado region. In the last year one of Len's solar homes was featured on HGTV and he has been awarded with 'The Building a Greener Future Award' from the High Country Conservation Center.

Architectural Measurement
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