Custom Design

Creating the 39 Degrees House in Summit County, Colorado

At Terrasun Architects, we provide unique customized designs for second homes, such as this house located in the 39 Degrees subdivision. It situates itself on a hillside and features the spectacular views of Mt. Quandary and the entire Peaks Range.


Ground Level Design

The garage from the original design was moved to facilitate another level that would capture even more of these views. In the end, a sloping house rose from the ground.


We designed the roof peaks to emulate both the high-jagged caps of the Rocky Mountains and the cascading waterfalls that can be found tucked in the cracks of these very mountains. The house steps into the hill, completely conforming to the landscape surrounding it.

Regulating Temperature

Being half-buried in the hillside keeps the indoor temperatures at an acceptable range during the winter. These temperatures can be set up to specific comfort levels with the in-floor radiant heating system.


With the help of super-insulated walls and roofs, energy bills are kept to a minimum. In the summer, low-E heat mirror windows and high-vaulted ceilings keep the house from becoming too warm. All the assets of the 39-Degree house help it to fit into nature and let it become a piece of living art.

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