Sustainable Solar Design


Solar Home

Our team at Terrasun Architects built a house in Silver, Colorado that features a gorgeous view and utilizes natural lighting and energy from the sun. We created the solar home in a way that it has a mean temperature of 70 degrees in the living areas through all four seasons. The north side of the house, bedrooms, and private areas are kept up to room temperature with the help of radiant in-floor heating.

Light Source

Natural light is one of the key elements in this house. During the day, plenty of sunshine pours in the south and west windows, allowing for minimal interior lighting and lower electric bills. Structural skin panels, super-insulated walls, and the in-floor radiant heating further decrease other utility costs.

Vaulted ceilings, open-air, a multitude of metal connections, and exposed structural members add to make the Silverthorne Solar Home a unique and comfortable place to live.

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